Integral Shopper is the only couponing, clearing company in the Middle East

As Middle Eastern shoppers are extremely price-sensitive and very promotions-driven, it is imperative for brands and retailers to innovate and stand out with creative and unprecedented promo campaigns.

Integral Shopper designs Intelligent Promo Solutions that influence shopper's behaviour and deliver data, which can be analyzed and used to assess the success rate of the campaign. Our solutions are objective oriented and deliver precise results. They are creative, based on proven success examples from western markets and adapted to local peculiarities.

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Founded in 2011, we have established Integral Shopper as one of the leading Promotional Marketing Agencies in the Middle East, building a sustainable and successful business model that seeks to go even further. We aim to build a scalable business platform through a team of ‘responsible builders’ to continuously drive innovation and expand in the region.

With our founders’ background in Brands and Retailers in both European and Middle Eastern Markets and our dedicated team of Experts, we aim to revolutionize the ‘Promotion’ approach in the region. We recognize the degree of this challenge, but we believe in the tremendous business potential that could be tapped into.

To fulfill consumers with Intelligent Promo Solutions.

We deliver fully controlled and measurable services that influence shopper's behavior and empower brands.

Our Solutions cover 3 main facets: Couponing, Digital Promo & Fulfilment and Trade Marketing Events.
Pioneers in promo & marketing intelligence, we advise manufacturers and retailers with the most suitable promo strategies and mechanics across all touch points.



Antoine Achkar Antoine Achkar

Antoine Achkar

Managing Director
Cécile Lamaure Cécile Lamaure

Cécile Lamaure

Marketing Director
José Achkar José Achkar

José Achkar

Operations Manager
Rabih Jalkh Rabih Jalkh

Rabih Jalkh

Sales Manager


The core values that Integral Shopper authentically, deeply and passionately follows.
Our code of conduct

in Performance

We are ambitious and always strive to be better. We aim for perfection, acceptable is not enough, we think forward and push our limits daily.

Find the right

It is important to fulfill and complete tasks but also save energy and keep an open mind. It’s important not to compromise work / home life balance.

Build and keep trust
in your Team

To show solidarity, communication and transparency amongst individuals are a must. This means we respect, listen and understand, but also accept and handle others differences.

Think Positive

We learn to accept our mistakes, build on that experience, and move on. There are only solutions, no problems. Always say “Thanks to” not “because of”.

You are the Key

We are solution finder/ problem solver. We are responsible for our actions and always take ownership of our work.