Our solutions are built for brands and retailers, yet shopper centered. We believe that an easy shopper journey is crucial for a successful campaign. We classify our solutions into 4 types:

Spark Engagement for what it matters

As a fully customizable solution, couponing is a direct “brand to shopper” price offer. Aside from the emotional engagement, its activity boosts sales and increases brand awareness and equity. Its market performance can also be measured by a transparent and accurate reporting.


We help you manage your ongoing and/or next purchase offers along the 5 steps of the process: from Consultancy & media, Execution & issuing, Operations & merchandising, Statistics & reporting to Clearing.


Inside or outside the stores, physically or digitally, coupons issuing options are wide: On-pack, In-pack, On-shelf, Off-shelf, Flyer/Leaflet and Promoters.


For a fully controlled process, we developed our own clearing platform that meets the specifications and needs of the Middle East market. Through it, we reimburse the retailers and provide accurate analytics and reporting. We are your reliable partner in the coupon clearing area as we relieve our clients from the burden of the financial, administrative and IT process.

From Ad to Action; a cutting-edge technology for every environment

Gamification is an innovative standard of promotion that by moving consumers from Ad to action, helps you achieve your sales objectives. Synchronizing your campaign across all touch points; websites, mobile platforms, social media and points of sale, will boost your consumer engagement and loyalty, as it empowers brands visibility and equity.
Altogether, you can track your collected data and optimize performance in real time while measuring concrete results like recruitments, engagements and conversions.


We create your brand’s marketing game and we manage it through its development stages from Consultancy, Design, Integration & configuration, Analytics & reporting, Participants clearing to Prizes sourcing and fulfillment.


Which game is for my brand?!
Our platform offers a range of 50+ online game types to suit an infinite list of marketing strategies. All falls under two main categories: Trade and Ad games.
Trade games are designed to boost sales and reward purchase. They include a direct link to purchase.
Ad games are designed to recruit leads, and to create bonds between users and brands. They help you shift your media spend into online and point of sales traffic.

The right balance between concept & solution, store & digital, sales & marketing

Are you looking to upgrade your “price off centric” promo calendar? Do you want to build bridges between your digital communication and in-store activation?
Are you seeking new disruptive ways to enhance your retailer/brand relationship, and to promote your launches in the store?

Well, our promo specialists will investigate your challenges with a 3-step approach; understand your need, propose new concepts and execute your brand activation.

Everyone is a winner


“Everyone’s a winner” approach allows brands to run powerful campaigns that stand out. From promoting sales and usage to enhancing the brand, and generating tangible results when it comes to Sales, ROI and Data collection.

Rewards based promotion are ROI friendly, and make the brand promise stronger through its 5 stages; Consultancy-Expert’s guidance, Development & integration, Analytics & reporting, Digital clearing, Prizes sourcing & fulfilment as well as Shopper reimbursement process.


As the most suitable solution to support new product launch, Cashback offers allow the shopper to benefit from a reimbursement that follows the purchase of one or more products. It can be customized upon 3 options: “Partial cashback”, “100% cashback” and “Satisfied or money back”.
For the consumers to get the Cashback, they must fill a form and upload a proof of purchase.

GIFT-BACK / “Buy & Get”
Thanks to Gift-back promo mechanics, marketeers can build brand’s preference and have the possibility to promote the brand or the product without a “financial” offer.
Your choice of gift is your Promo Key Factor of success and for that, we present a portfolio full of digital or physical rewards ideas.

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